Yaroc Island : Change the fate of an abandoned and doomed island in an innovative Action-Rpg, inspired by Landstalker, Alundra … and Outer Wilds

Yalroc Island’s gameplay combines classic 90’s adventure game mechanics and an innovative game design, centered on three days, during which each of your actions will have consequences and influence the destiny of the island.

Your story begins at the dawn of the first day. Freshly enlisted in the king’s personal guard, you are assigned to investigate an island cut off from the world and whose inhabitants refuse to submit to the authority of the mainland.

Discover the secrets of an abandoned island, doomed to disappear in a ruthless flood. You have three days to change everything.

On the second day, a deluge came relentlessly down on the island, and the water began to rise inexorably. 

The inhabitants gradually give in to panic. Your possibilities on the island are totally changed. Places become inaccessible, and other possibilities open up for you.

On the third day, and depending on your actions and choices, the destiny of the island will take shape, and multiple outcomes will be possible.

You are condemned to relive these three days in a loop. But your failures will nourish your successes, and by refining your knowledge of the villagers and their weaknesses, by discovering the mysteries of the island during your day or night explorations, you will gradually pass from a role of helpless spectator to a powerful messiah.

But who are you really? Are you going to save the island and its inhabitants? Who are they really? What are you really doing here? 

You’ll have to unravel the mysteries of the island, which harbors many secrets and hides a heavy burden.

Adventure awaits

Discover stranges places, fight enemies, meet the natives ! And deal with a terrible flood.


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